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Bias Toward Action

Benjamin Franklin was a spectacular generalist. He is what today might be called a multi-hyphenate. His contributions made throughout his life included activities as a

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Be Useful

It was December 23, 1783 in Annapolis, Maryland where General Washington surrendered his military commission to Congress. He declared,  “Having now finished the work assigned

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Practice The Basics

Practice is a must in the world of athletics. If you don’t practice, you won’t win. The military knows proper training can save lives. Rehearsing

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Is It True?

“The longer I watch current events, the more I have come to see how many of our troubles arise from the habit, on all sides,

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The Strenuous Life

Theodore Roosevelt was born into one of New York City’s wealthiest families on October 27, 1858. As a boy, he was scrawny, even malnourished, from

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“The difference between the courageous and the cowardly can be seen in everyday life.” Some of you might be surprised to learn that those words

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Taking Note

The team at Rite in the Rain has been “defying mother nature since 1916.” Staying in business for 106 years is no joke. To last that

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Almost 2,000 years ago Plutarch put out an essay, On Talkativeness, which appeared in Volume VI of the Loeb Classical Library’s edition of the Moralia, first

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