About Us

 άριστος (áh-rees-tos)

Ancient Greek meaning: best, first-rate, thorough

Practical solutions to mitigating construction
and development risk

From the very beginning our goal has been simple – to be your most trusted advisor when it comes to mitigating construction risk across your real estate portfolio.

We help investors eliminate wasteful spending and unnecessary delays during the acquisition, asset management, and development of commercial real estate across multiple asset types.

Are you an investment manager or owner tired of being misled when it comes to planning, design, and construction?

  • We understand that if left unchecked, costs can compound and hurt your investment returns
  • We know that our relentless focus on results and execution is the best way to help you
  • The benefit for you is that we provide experience-based solutions to your challenges

Michael Osburn


Michael Osburn established Aristos Global to be able to help real estate investors make more knowledgeable decisions, regardless of their location.

With work experience on the ground in places like Afghanistan, Lebanon, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he provides clients across the United States and abroad with a unique, one-of-a-kind perspective to solving their challenges.

After personally working on over 22.8 million square feet and $5.6 billion in acquisitions, major capital projects, and international developments, he has seen success and failure on an unimaginable scale.

Now Osburn helps real estate investors spend money with precision. Always challenging conventional wisdom, he enjoys asking a lot of questions.