άριστος (áh-rees-tos)

Ancient Greek meaning: best, first-rate, thorough

Our Principles

Be useful

If we are not helping, we are hurting ourselves. Our time here on this planet is too short and the opportunities are too many. Find ways to contribute and move on.

Master the Basics

Doing common things uncommonly well is a must. Learning and relearning the basics often is a way to stay sharp and productive.


What you don’t know can kill you, both literally and figuratively. What are the major risks and rewards of an activity? While we cannot predict the future, we use our experience and our instincts to make sure we are the most prepared for whatever comes our way.

Bias for Action

Not making a decision is a decision. Not taking action is an action. We do better when we are moving, when we are observing, when we are adjusting to our environment. We know that ideas are important, but our actions are the most critical ingredient to our success and our clients’ success.


Educate, train, mentor and advise leaders on how to improve their real estate and construction operations.


Building a sustainable future starts with eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse.

Capacity building starts with helping teams perform better, overcome conflicts, and improve the stability of their operations.