Frequently Asked Questions

We help real estate investors and developers save time and money. It really is that simple.

During acquisitions and asset management, we evaluate past performance, mitigate risk, analyze deferred maintenance, plan and execute capital improvement programs.

For new developments, we provide unmatched quality assurance to investors from conception to completion throughout design and construction.

We ask the hard questions…you know, the ones no one wants to bring up.

We identify major risks early, and relentlessly work to make sure projects get built right the first time.

Doing something twice always costs more.

It is our job to eliminate surprises and keep everyone on the team focused and accountable.

The simple answer, less than we save you in real dollars. Not to mention the amount of time you get back by having us on the team.

Our fees are usually a 10x return from an investment standpoint. You invest in us, we return 10x in savings to you and your business plans.

Why should you spend four days calling vendors or negotiating contracts, when we can source, negotiate and contract a top tier vendor in sometimes less than one day?

We serve our clients on a per-project or portfolio basis with a flat fee.

Our fee is simple, based on the deliverables needed and overall project complexity.

Shipping something overnight from China to Colorado costs a lot more than ground shipping a package from Memphis to Nashville.

So the simple answer is it depends on what you need, your scope, and your timing. Need a quote? Drop us a line here and we will respond within 24 hours.

For groups that have the workload and need assistance across their real estate portfolios, we provide services on a monthly subscription at preferred pricing.

The rate is customized according to deliverables, speed, portfolio size, and location.

Because instinctively that seems like a bad way for us to keep your costs low. Plus that is what everyone else does, and we like to be different.

Because we believe you deserve the best. No seriously, we are on a mission to eliminate cost overruns, and lame excuses from architects, engineers, and contractors on why a project is late or over budget.

Life happens, we get it. There are plenty of things that are outside of our control, as well as any vendor’s control. But that does not mean we cannot be proactive, organized, and intense when it comes to doing great work.

Check out some of our articles [here] on what kind of excuses we are talking about and how we like to be proactive, not reactive when it comes to getting after it.

Asset managers, acquisition teams, investment managers, family offices, limited partners (LPs) who typically have the most money at risk. Yes, we said money not capital. Same thing.

Well, construction is just one part of the process. Do we like the way of limiting ourselves to just construction? No way. How you prepare, select a land site, hire designers, develop your program all have an impact on the construction process. We love getting involved early.

No, but we have been called one to our face and behind our backs.

You bet. And we think we are good at it too.

Depends on how you define developer.

Easy answer is no, but we can pretend to be if that helps.

How many trainers and coaches do you think Tom Brady or Roger Federer have? Definitely more than one. We constantly seek out constructive feedback and usually our clients that are most successful do too.

Why do you think Justin Rose has a mental performance coach? Because anyone at the top of their game is looking for their edge.

What is stopping you from gaining an edge on your competition?

Yes, we realize we just answered one question with three more questions. Told you, we are good at asking questions.

Practical Psychology 101, if you play poker with fake money, your money or someone else’s money, do you think your tolerance for risk and decision-making changes? You know it does.

When your partner puts in 5 or 10% equity into a multimillion dollar deal…they are still playing the game with someone else’s money, aka your money.

Let’s hope they act accordingly…. like it’s their money.

Great. I’m going to play you in basketball 2 v. 5, oh by the way, my one other person is Lebron.

Do you think it matters how many people we have on our team then? Not a chance.

It comes down to the quality not quantity of the players. Whether internal to our team, or external to vendor teams that we like to repeatedly work with, we like high performers. You know, those people. The ones who simply will just outwork everyone else.

Because we have the experience and guile to improve your team’s investment performance. How do we do that?

Income – Expenses = Return.

We can’t control interest rates, inflation rates, or rental rates. We can control how much you spend. Lower costs = higher returns.

We offer a high-end service and flexibility that is one-of-a-kind. We have a strategic approach. We effectively adapt tactics to the battlefield of life. Things we can control? Our performance, consistency, and focus.

It’s really simple. No questions asked, 60-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We are talking about thousands of dollars of fees at risk. Why? Because we only want to put our best foot forward and are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Almost anywhere in the world. Seriously.

People, projects, environments may change. The process does not.

Marketing is still marketing, whether you are in Mumbai or Miami.

Construction is still construction whether you are in Charlotte or Cancun.

Investment, risk, return are universal concepts, not unique to any one market or submarket (as Brokers might have you believe).

Both. We are firm believers in the 80/20 rule. We think you can get 80 percent of the way there from a remote process that is insightful, interactive, and in depth.

How else do asset managers located in NYC invest in real estate all over the US or even the world?

Yes, it is important to have a team on the ground that can take care of business. But if the process and people are well organized, no one needs a “babysitter” parked on site pushing paper all day long.

Frankly, the waste of time in real estate and construction is probably one of the dirtiest secrets. Now more than ever people seem to be more unorganized and “busier” than ever. But are they effective and/or productive with the most precious resource in the world, time? Who knows.

Do you still have questions?

Let us know how we can help.