Tough Times And Tough People

As a dad, I think a lot about the example that I set for my kids. Not just in what I tell them, but also in what I do.

To be a great dad and a great husband, I believe you need to:

Be present

Be loving

Be focused

Be calm

Be kind.

It is more important to be a great example than to be great with words.

Adversity is an amazing teacher. It often leads people to depend more on each other and rally around a cause.

In ancient Greece and Rome there were no shortages of adversities. Wars, plague, plundering and doublecrossing.

Epictetus reminds us today, “The true man is revealed in difficult times.”

Benjamin Franklin was a student of the past and present. He studied not only consistently, but also diligently. Most importantly, he studied himself.

“Observe all men, thyself the most.” – Benjamin Franklin

Too often we find ourselves focused on external circumstances. Our lessons in liberty, loyalty, and sacrifice are many. Adversity now and adversity from years past are great teachers still.

In order to lead others, we must first lead ourselves.

If we want to earn loyalty and trust, we must give both freely.

Nineteenth-century America saw a new economic crisis every ten to twenty years, starting in 1819 and finally ending in 1893. The time between each panic was roughly the amount of time it took people to forget the last disaster. But those hard times created several generations of innovators. People learned to make something from nothing.

Even before the Spartans defended Greece at the Hot Gates of Thermopylae, we were reminded in the Far East the importance of taking action, of planning, and of focusing on what we control.

“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble by his door.” – Confucius

It can seem difficult nowadays to find people loyal to not only each other but also to a common cause. But instead of worrying about others, what if we worried about our own actions, our own thoughts, our own words?

If you consistently show up and do the right thing, you will likely attract the right people.

“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy. Do what is great while it is small.” – Sun Tzu

Planning ahead helps you weather the tough times that are sure to come. For some, they are already here.

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