Our Why

Because time is the most precious non-renewable resource, we work relentlessly to eliminate the wasteful expense of time, money, and materials in commercial real estate projects. We are determined to create a world where real estate developments are delivered without excess cost and schedule overruns.

Our experience is measured in more than just years. We have been a part of an incredible volume of work. We strive to amass the most knowledge, the best training, and an extensive quantity of growth opportunities through accelerated learning, micro-failures (no, we are not perfect), and continuous internal self-assessments.

"I fear not the man who practiced ten thousand kicks once, but I fear the man who practiced one kick ten thousand times."

- Bruce Lee

Our Experience



in acquisitions, asset repositioning, and development oversight


21,000,000 square feet

over office, industrial, retail, multifamily, healthcare, senior housing,

education, institutional, and government assets


700+ acres internationally

throughout the Middle East and South Asia

What does this mean for you? Repetitions matter. Developing scopes of work, reviewing designs, analyzing proposals, monitoring design and construction professionals, we have had lots of practice. Some good, some not.

Learn how we help your investment business plan succeed.

Be more effective with your time and money.